laxmigroup building

Company Profile

The beginning
The history of Laxmi Group of Industries goes back to 1979, when Subhash M. Nahar founded “Laxmi” at Laxmi Metal Pressing Works Chikalthana M.I.D.C., Aurangabad. With the humble beginning, Laxmi manufactured Stainless Steel and Aluminum utensils at this unit. With intense efforts and commendable dedication Laxmi became renowned brand in Maharashtra and in some south Indian cities. Laxmi Group’s alliance with Bajaj Auto Ltd. started with development of an American Tray/Dish for their canteen. From the year 1997 and 2003 Laxmi Group started manufacturing components for 2 WH and 3 WH vehicles respectively. This was the start of a long association between Bajaj Auto Ltd. and Laxmi Group.

laxmi middel year

In the year 1997, Laxmi Group was outsourced thfirst 2WH muffler from Bajaj Auto Ltd. Press operations of Laxmi Group also started to gain momentum during this phase. Laxmi Group’s expansion started with Laxmi Rickshaw Body Pvt. Ltd. at Waluj in 1997 and Laxmi Metal Pressing Works Pvt. Ltd. Unit II in 2003. Over the years the company has achieved an immaculate name.Along with increasing business in Automobile sector, Laxmi Group also invested in Green Energy by installing 3 windmills at Satara. Under the management of Mrs. Lalita Subhash Nahar, Laxmi group also started “Tanishq” a Tata Branded jewellery showroom in 2005.

Present and Future
laxmi present year

Nahars Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated by Shri Pradeepji Shrivastava on 31st Oct 2012. This plant is state of the art plant commissioned within a record time of 9 months. Along with the PTCED line at NEIPL,Robotic lines for manufacturing of 3WH body and 3WH windshield frame. In the year 2015, Laxmi Group plans to start manufacturing Laminated and Toughened glasses for Automotive and Commercial purposes. From over Rs. 2.4 Billion, Laxmi Group’s turnover is estimated to reach Rs. 4 Billion by the Year 2015-2016.