Laxmi Group is into manufacturing of 3 wheeler bodies from 2003 . All press components required for manufacturing this body are processed in press shop at Laxmi group at our premises. Company of our line is 1000 bodies per day. We have Installed Robotic line for manufacturing the body.

Rickshaw Body Types

Facelift 2S CNG

Facelift 4S CNG

Windshield Frame and Assembly

  • From 2007, Laxmi group manufactures Windshield Frames for Bajaj Auto Ltd.All the press components required for Windshield Frame are manufactured in house. Currently, we have in-house Epoxy CED Line, Powder Coating Line, and WS Assembly line following by packaging area. So, complete WS assembly, which is ready for dispatch along with vehicle is delivered to Bajaj Auto Ltd. from our end.
  • Press Components – 100% (50 to 400 Ton)
  • Fabrication – Robotic Line
  • ED Coating –
  • Powder Coating – 7 Colours
  • Assembly Lines
  • Packing (Domestic & export Requirement)

Muffler Painting

All the mufflers manufactured by us are HR painted in-house in our own HR painting facility. Our HR painting facility was only facility approved by Bajaj Auto Ltd. for painting all 2WH mufflers for Bajaj Auto Ltd. Currently we are painting 2WH mufflers, 3WH mufflers and 2WH Cyclinder Heads.