Quality Policy

We at Laxmi Group of Industries will continuously strive to provide our customers with quality products and services by

A� Manufacturing and processing products in compliance with the customer standards

A� Delivering products to customers as per their schedule

A� Frequently truing our jigs, fixtures, and gauges

A� Constantly adopting newer technologies and improving current processes

A� Employee training for new skills and personal growth

A� To rapidly adopt the changing customer requirements

TPM Policy

We at Laxmi Group of Industries will work continuously for successful implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in all aspects of our organization.

A� We will work to have Zero defects, Zero breakdown and Zero accident

A� We will strive to improve our Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) to increase our productivity

A� We will strive to reduce our operational costs through successful implementation of TPM and KAIZEN, on our shop floor as well as in offices

A� We aim to create excellent environment for our employees and increase their moral by TPM and KAIZEN

A� We will recognize all the executed enhancements by our employees and will encourage them for future improvements

Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Policy

We at Laxmi Group of Industries commit our self to work towards creating healthy working environment and to become greener and leaner by

A� Protecting the health and safety of everybody who plays a part in our operations and lives in the communities in which we operate

A� Minimize the generation of and strive to eliminate the discharge of hazardous materials for environment and giving our people the skills and knowledge to work safely, and promote sound environmental practices.

A� Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements related to Environment, Occupation Health and Safety

A� Conservation of natural resources by optimizing usage and minimizing waste generation

A� Prevention of environmental pollution by adopting environment friendly practices like recycling and reusing water and other materials wherever feasible

A� Measure, evaluate and continuously improve our SHE performance to establish goals and objectives through management reviews

A� Integration of SHE policy into key business processes

A� This policy shall be made public to all interested parties, internal and external to the company

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