Manufacturing Facilities

Press Shop
  • Hydraulic Presses (Upto 400 Tons)
  • Pneumatic Presses (Upto 400 Tons)
  • Mechanical Presses (Ranging from 50 Tons to 1000 Tons & Bed Size upto 2700 x 3700)
Surface Treatment
  • Shot Blasting Machine a�� DISA make
  • Liquid Paint Shop
  • Powder Coating Line (Reciprocator Based)
  • Epoxy CED Line (Conveyorised)
Assembly Shop
  • 5 Axis Pipe Bending Machine
  • Robotic Body Line
  • Robotic Windshield Line
  • Welding
  • CO2 Welding
  • Argo Shield Welding
  • Argon Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Projection Welding
Best Practices
  • Continuous improvement through a�?KAIZENa��
  • Single Piece Flow Concept with Zero in process inventory
  • Standard Operating Procedures at all stations
  • 5S on Production Line
  • Adoption of a�?I Operate I Maintaina�� concept for all machines
  • Adoption of a�?I Do I Checka�� concept for Zero in process rejection

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