Beyond Business ( CSR / Sports )

Laxmi Group of Companies takes considerable pride in its Customers relationships, especially Rural development. We have an ongoing commitment to help and support the communities we operate in.

We define Corporate Social Responsibility as a�?a will to help others, be environmentally conscious and socially toleranta��. With these guiding principles in mind, wea��ve designed a special programme to promote tolerance and equal opportunities. We actively support social and environmental protection programmes.

We at Laxmi Group of Companies have defined a set of core values a�� Care, Innovation & Trust a�� to guide us in everything we do. Our care extends to our partners, customers, employees, communities and environment.
We are ISO/TS & OHSAS certified. We are committed to Industrialization and overall development of the region. We have been striving with Waluj Industrial Association which acts as a facilitating agency fulfilling the cause of industrialization.

We Volunteer for projects that address the felt need of communities likefunding local education and other non-profit projects. Our Skills for life strategy aims to develop a skilled workforce committed to improve the business whilst maintaining employment opportunities.
With modern technology we generate electric power through windmills which does not causes green house gases or other pollutants .

Schools have to equate their own success, not by a low priority standardized test but by how successful their students are when they leave the school.